Pump The Breaks Tea Pairing Menu

Introducing our "Pump The Breaks" Tea Pairing Menu, designed to enhance the calming and soothing flavors of this delightful herbal blend. Infused with the relaxing aromas of vervain, lime blossom, chamomile, and lavender, our Pump The Breaks tea pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes that cater to different tastes and promote a sense of tranquility.


  1. Cucumber and Mint Salad: The cool, refreshing flavors of cucumber and mint provide a harmonious balance with the tea's calming herbal notes.
  2. Caprese Skewers: The combination of fresh mozzarella, ripe cherry tomatoes, and fragrant basil offers a delightful contrast to the tea's soothing aromas.

Light Entrees:

  1. Quinoa and Roasted Vegetable Salad: The nutty quinoa and earthy roasted vegetables, drizzled with a light lemon vinaigrette, blend beautifully with the tea's calming flavors.
  2. Grilled Chicken and Avocado Wrap: The tender grilled chicken, creamy avocado, and crisp greens wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla create a satisfying and stress-free meal that complements the tea's relaxing properties.


  1. Egg and Watercress Sandwich: The creamy egg and peppery watercress on soft whole-grain bread provide a delicious contrast to the tea's gentle herbal notes.
  2. Hummus and Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich: The rich, earthy flavors of hummus and roasted red peppers on crusty multigrain bread harmonize with the tea's soothing qualities.


  1. Lemon Lavender Shortbread Cookies: These buttery, fragrant cookies infused with lavender and lemon zest enhance the tea's floral notes and provide a touch of sweetness.
  2. Honey and Almond Greek Yogurt Parfait: The creamy yogurt layered with honey and crunchy almonds complements the smooth, calming character of our Pump The Breaks tea.

Cheese Selection:

  1. Boursin Cheese: The creamy, herb-infused flavors of Boursin cheese pair well with the tea's subtle herbal and floral notes.
  2. Gruyère: The nutty, slightly sweet taste of Gruyère cheese offers a pleasant contrast to the tea's calming flavors and aromas.

Experience the soothing elegance of our "Pump The Breaks" Tea Pairing Menu, a celebration of the tea's calming properties and the delightful harmony that can be achieved with carefully chosen dishes to help you unwind and manage stress.