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The Bushman - Into The Outback – Meat Seasoning and Rub - Smoked Sea Salt

The Bushman - Into The Outback – Meat Seasoning and Rub - Smoked Sea Salt

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Naturally Good Ingredients

Made with Australia’s finest snowflake salt, garlic, mint, rosemary, pepper and genuine smoke.

No Artificial Flavours or Fillers

Vegan, Premium Ingredients, No Artificial Fillers, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and No MSG

Natural wood smoke adds depth and flavour while mint and rosemary add freshness and herbal character. Crafted as the ultimate lamb seasoning and rub, this unique blend offers an earthy charm to all meats and poultries with a distinct Australian flavour. A great option when pan frying or searing on the BBQ.

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Seasoning for Roasted Lamb: Coat your lamb roast with The Bushman seasoning for a flavorful and aromatic roast lamb.

Beef Steak Rub: Mix The Bushman seasoning with olive oil and use as a rub for beef steak before grilling.

Pan-Fried Chicken Seasoning: Season chicken thighs or breasts with The Bushman seasoning and pan fry for a quick and easy meal.

BBQ Seasoning for Pork Ribs: Sprinkle The Bushman seasoning generously over pork ribs before slow cooking or grilling on the BBQ.

Roasted Vegetables: Mix The Bushman seasoning with olive oil and toss over root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and sweet potatoes before roasting in the oven.

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